Thysha (@_classicthysha) | NYC Glamour Portraits

I came across Thysha's Instagram page probably two months ago. I liked her look and she mentioned something about wanting to connect with photographers so I left a message. She responded telling me she'd reach out again when she's in town. Like most situations that start out like this, I really wasn't expecting to ever hear back but to my delight, she did reach out once she made plans to visit NYC. 

We scheduled a time/location and I asked her to be on time and she actually came earlier than me (I might've been 2 minutes late). She came with an escort who was friendly and a great assistant. With him holding my reflector, we were able to manipulate the lighting to capture some great shots. Overall, we were able to click and get some creative photos. I really like how these came out so I'm hoping she hits me up again when she comes back to the city.

Kana R. (@kana_redia) | NYC Glamour Portraits

I connected with Kana again for a shoot in a Breather room. This shoot was actually my second of the day and to be honest, I was pretty exhausted. But because I shot with Kana already in the past, we were able to skip the awkwardness and get right to business. It was right around sunset when we met so we took advantage of the ambient light available in the room. 

Makida | NYC Glamour Portraits

I connected with Makida the same way I connect with majority of my subjects, via Instagram. I liked her look so I was really eager to shoot with her. Makida was also the first shoot I did inside a Breather room and it really has opened my eyes. I've done two more Breather shoots since then and don't plan to stop anytime soon. 

Taylor Belle | NYC Artist Studio Portraits

The shoot with Taylor Belle is a special one because it was my first foray into studio shooting. It just so happened to be her first studio shoot so we were able to easily avoid any awkwardness that could've come from not knowing what to do ha. The studio we used was Neo-Temple in Astoria, NY. Great bargain if you're looking for a place. While I enjoyed the privacy and warmth of the studio, I can now say confidently, that there is nothing I'd prefer more than the natural light and the depth of an outdoor shoot. Notwithstanding, we made the best of the situation and these shots below are my proof (and by no means am I trying to knock studio shoots. I will return soon).

Kana R. (@kana_redia) | NYC Glamour Shoot

Kana is a dancer who I connected with on Instagram. I loved how confident and comfortable she looked in her portfolio (can't leave out her dance moves either!) so I reached out and we were able to set a date easily. She was the first dancer I ever shot with and as she claimed, she really knew her lines and knew how to pose for the camera. So much kudos to her for not one peep while on the rooftop in 30 degree snow-flurrying weather. I was wearing clothes and I was freezing so I can only imagine how she felt. But luckily, we were able to get comfortable in the living room and came up with some great shots. 

Big S/O to Matt G. for letting us use his place.