Aundra Goodrum | NYC Actor Headshots Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with friend and former colleague Aundra for some actor headshots. Aundra is a jack-of-all-trades but most notably an actor. I've known him for years and have shot his old roommate so it was about time we connected for a shoot of our own. We met up on an early Saturday morning in the UWS and took advantage of the waterfront as well as the various building backdrops we found. 

Megan Jeannette Smith | NYC Actor Headshots Photographer

Back in February, I caught up with my co-worker and actor/director Megan Smith to get some headshots done. Scheduled for a Saturday afternoon, we got super lucky in terms of weather, experiencing a sunny mild spring-like day. With natural light preferred, we decided to use Brooklyn (her neighborhood) as the backdrop. These were some of her favorite shots which I've touched up.

MUA: Cindy Han

Marri Wright | NYC Actor Headshots Photographer

Marri is an aspiring actress who I met while doing some brand ambassador work. She's simply an amazing person. I already did one shoot with her a year or two ago and we had a blast so we decided to meet up again for one more shoot. For the first shoot, I really went all-in retouching and the works but for this shoot, all I did was some light color correction. 

The summer heat really got the best of us this day and I hope we can do a make up sometime in the future.