Photo Assignments Are Cool


Photo assignments. All I need is photo assignments. And just like that, I find a few.

Originally, I was planning on doing everyone's favorite photo assignment—365 project but then I came across Jeff Metz' #make100portraits. I tweeted. He responded. And an hour later, I received his blessing to take his idea and run. Only mine will come with some small variance. First of all, I am tweaking the hashtag slightly to it "#make101portraits" in order to separate our two projects. The project will last longer than one season (thinking: all of 2016). I also won't be producing Polaroids or any physical print of the subjects [yet]. Film photography for me at this point is a spectator sport. I have yet to dive in and frankly, it's scary as fuck. 

My second project which I'm embarking on ASAP is to take photos of my neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. I discovered a local shop that may sell some photos on my behalf and I've given myself the goal to produce the appropriate photos for the store's theme, "Astoria." I've already scouted a few locations and I am excited to see what prints I can produce.

I will also continue exploring the world of long exposure/tripod usage. I wouldn't consider this one a project but rather, "extracurricular activities." With a new tripod on-hand and education, I feel very motivated to continue learning new and neat tricks created by long exposure and photographs assisted by tripods.

This has me excited for 2016. Stay tuned.