Isabella Fernandez | NYC Portrait Photographer

I met Isabella through one of the OG model/photog sites, ModelMayhem.com. MM is one of those sites that existed back when Myspace was still relevant. To be honest, I've had a membership there for a while but through my seldom upkeep, I never found much luck with setting up shoots.

Isabella was no different to start. Like many of the models I've messaged, she replied but I really didn't think it was gonna go anywhere. She said she wanted to experiment with lights and shadows so we settled on a date but as they always do, something came up and we had to cancel. This is usually when the story ends but I really liked her look and aesthetic so a week later, I reached out and we were able to find a new date to link. 

We finally met on a Tuesday by Times Square. Turns out Isabwellah works with photographers and has a great eye so we (read: she) shared a lot of ideas and we vibed well. She noticed my somewhat obsession with hard lights and obliged. We ended the night promising to shoot together again, hopefully when there's more light out, and I am very much looking forward to it. 

Charlie Drizzle | NYC IG/Portrait Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting "Charlie Drizzle" via Instagram. This one's a special one because she's actually the first person I met through networking on IG. She's has a larger presence on the platform than I do but coincidentally, we live in the same neighborhood so I used that to my advantage and finally locked in a day to shoot together.

We threw around a few ideas but at the end, my Shirting Life roots came out and suggested she be the first subject for our #SHIRTINGBAE idea we've been tossing around. 

When the day of the shoot came, I was pretty nervous not only because I never met her but also because this was my first lifestyle shoot with an active model. Luckily, we hit it off and after an initial awkward three minutes, we jumped right into it. She made a first experience very easy because I did not have to ask her to do much. She posed. I shot. I'm hoping we can continue taking advantage of the proximity and collab some more together in the near future. Until then, here are a few of my favorite shots. 

Styled by Carhartt WIP, Gitman Vintage & Saturdays NYC.

Dexter Jules Jr. | NYC Portrait Photographer

Linked up with Dexter this past weekend for a shoot. Dexter is talented friend that I've known for a few years now. We met at a marketing agency but we became friends when he helped me get a job at a later company he was working at. Dexter is someone I consider multi-faceted. He ran collegiate track & field (All-American at that); he studied Computer Science; he's an amazing social media producer; and he's also an aspiring and dedicated EDM producer. 

For the shoot, we set out with no particular plan or theme in mind and as a result, things started slow, but as the day went on, I think we created some found good chemistry, which you can see from the shots below. Take a look, let me know what you think. If you are interested in some portraits, etc, please contact me at info@jasonkchang.com.

Photo Assignments Are Cool


Photo assignments. All I need is photo assignments. And just like that, I find a few.

Originally, I was planning on doing everyone's favorite photo assignment—365 project but then I came across Jeff Metz' #make100portraits. I tweeted. He responded. And an hour later, I received his blessing to take his idea and run. Only mine will come with some small variance. First of all, I am tweaking the hashtag slightly to it "#make101portraits" in order to separate our two projects. The project will last longer than one season (thinking: all of 2016). I also won't be producing Polaroids or any physical print of the subjects [yet]. Film photography for me at this point is a spectator sport. I have yet to dive in and frankly, it's scary as fuck. 

My second project which I'm embarking on ASAP is to take photos of my neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. I discovered a local shop that may sell some photos on my behalf and I've given myself the goal to produce the appropriate photos for the store's theme, "Astoria." I've already scouted a few locations and I am excited to see what prints I can produce.

I will also continue exploring the world of long exposure/tripod usage. I wouldn't consider this one a project but rather, "extracurricular activities." With a new tripod on-hand and education, I feel very motivated to continue learning new and neat tricks created by long exposure and photographs assisted by tripods.

This has me excited for 2016. Stay tuned.