Thysha (@_classicthysha) | NYC Glamour Portraits

I came across Thysha's Instagram page probably two months ago. I liked her look and she mentioned something about wanting to connect with photographers so I left a message. She responded telling me she'd reach out again when she's in town. Like most situations that start out like this, I really wasn't expecting to ever hear back but to my delight, she did reach out once she made plans to visit NYC. 

We scheduled a time/location and I asked her to be on time and she actually came earlier than me (I might've been 2 minutes late). She came with an escort who was friendly and a great assistant. With him holding my reflector, we were able to manipulate the lighting to capture some great shots. Overall, we were able to click and get some creative photos. I really like how these came out so I'm hoping she hits me up again when she comes back to the city.

Makida | NYC Glamour Portraits

I connected with Makida the same way I connect with majority of my subjects, via Instagram. I liked her look so I was really eager to shoot with her. Makida was also the first shoot I did inside a Breather room and it really has opened my eyes. I've done two more Breather shoots since then and don't plan to stop anytime soon.