new york city

Thysha (@_classicthysha) | NYC Glamour Portraits

I came across Thysha's Instagram page probably two months ago. I liked her look and she mentioned something about wanting to connect with photographers so I left a message. She responded telling me she'd reach out again when she's in town. Like most situations that start out like this, I really wasn't expecting to ever hear back but to my delight, she did reach out once she made plans to visit NYC. 

We scheduled a time/location and I asked her to be on time and she actually came earlier than me (I might've been 2 minutes late). She came with an escort who was friendly and a great assistant. With him holding my reflector, we were able to manipulate the lighting to capture some great shots. Overall, we were able to click and get some creative photos. I really like how these came out so I'm hoping she hits me up again when she comes back to the city.

Najares Family | NYC Family Photographer

Finally getting around to this post. Over the holidays, Cynthia reached out to me via Instagram for a photoshoot. She was planning on visiting her beloved NYC with her husband and 7 month old son Ashton. She wanted to coordinate an urban-style family portrait session and after going through various family photographers, she reached out to me - someone who has never professionally shot a family portrait. I warned her of my concern but she insisted she liked my street style and put the faith in me to shoot her lovely family.

While many people in my network know I shoot, my inbox isn't exactly full of family portrait requests because of my current portfolio. So I was really honored and determined to provide them a positive experience. 

When the day came, we really lucked out with good weather. It was two days after Christmas and the temperature played around in the 50s for majority of the session. We met on Brooklyn Bridge for the sunset, then hurried down to the park below for some shots before we headed into the City. The BBP was followed by a quick trek to Herald Square in the hunt for the "BIG Piano" inside Macy's. After scrambling all over the store, we found it in the basement of the building. There, Ashton, Cynthia and Kameron all had a blast stepping on the piano keys and living out their childhood fantasy. We then capped the night at Rockefeller Center. It was after Christmas but there was a big crowd nonetheless (blame the weather we were so grateful for earlier). We swam through the people and found some spots to station while we captured special moments with Ashton. Below is a quick photo summary of that day. Before I end, I'd like to thank the Najares family and especially Cynthia for giving me a chance to capture their time in NYC. I hope you guys move to NYC so I can continue to capture Ashton's childhood. 

Panorama Music Festival 2016 @ Randall's Island, NYC | NYC Concert/Music Photographer

2016 marked the first year of the Panorama Music Festival which was held at Randall's Island in NYC. I wasn't able to score any press access so I don't have much (any) performance photos but music festivals still serve as a good reminder why NYC is the greatest city on Earth, highlighted by people from all walks of life. To my fault, it took me a day to figure this out and I didn't bring my camera out on the first day, but that's what iPhones are for. Here's a combination of shots taken with my iPhone 6s and Fujifilm x100t. Enjoy!