night photography

Isabella Fernandez | NYC Portrait Photographer

I met Isabella through one of the OG model/photog sites, MM is one of those sites that existed back when Myspace was still relevant. To be honest, I've had a membership there for a while but through my seldom upkeep, I never found much luck with setting up shoots.

Isabella was no different to start. Like many of the models I've messaged, she replied but I really didn't think it was gonna go anywhere. She said she wanted to experiment with lights and shadows so we settled on a date but as they always do, something came up and we had to cancel. This is usually when the story ends but I really liked her look and aesthetic so a week later, I reached out and we were able to find a new date to link. 

We finally met on a Tuesday by Times Square. Turns out Isabwellah works with photographers and has a great eye so we (read: she) shared a lot of ideas and we vibed well. She noticed my somewhat obsession with hard lights and obliged. We ended the night promising to shoot together again, hopefully when there's more light out, and I am very much looking forward to it.