shirting life

Charlie Drizzle | NYC IG/Portrait Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting "Charlie Drizzle" via Instagram. This one's a special one because she's actually the first person I met through networking on IG. She's has a larger presence on the platform than I do but coincidentally, we live in the same neighborhood so I used that to my advantage and finally locked in a day to shoot together.

We threw around a few ideas but at the end, my Shirting Life roots came out and suggested she be the first subject for our #SHIRTINGBAE idea we've been tossing around. 

When the day of the shoot came, I was pretty nervous not only because I never met her but also because this was my first lifestyle shoot with an active model. Luckily, we hit it off and after an initial awkward three minutes, we jumped right into it. She made a first experience very easy because I did not have to ask her to do much. She posed. I shot. I'm hoping we can continue taking advantage of the proximity and collab some more together in the near future. Until then, here are a few of my favorite shots. 

Styled by Carhartt WIP, Gitman Vintage & Saturdays NYC.

Subject: Koncept & J57 for Shirting Life | NYC Music Portrait Photographer

Ari and I linked up with Koncept & J57 to do a quick, fun interview for Shirting Life. These two have always been very supportive of our brand and with their EP dropping, we decided to reciprocate the offer and shine some shirting light on them. 

For the shoot, we hung out in J57's studio, talking and enjoying a few drinks. We had some challenges shooting them in lowlight but I think we still were able to secure a few decent shots. This is one of the occasions that really motivated me to re-invest in an external flash even if I don't use it often. We also jumped outside to J's hallway and the wall provided a nice contrast to the shirts we outfitted them with.

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