Trekking over the Triboro

It takes motivation and boldness to walk across a suspension bridge to capture images. The motivation and boldness grows tenfold if you're afraid of heights and the bridge in question is the Triboro (RFK) Bridge with (too) many trucks zooming by. To add adversity, I chose to venture out just ask the temperature dropped 25°, but with my new Dolica LA600 tripod on-hand, I was determined.

Below, you'll see my first experience with long exposure shots. Surprisingly, it was Instagram that has gotten me to dive deeper into the world of photography. Through it, I am intrigued and eager to mimic photos beyond what I've always taken (street, portraits and landscape). Through this, I've realized I need a remote shutter to help produce better shots. That's to come but until then, here are some decent shots that came out.  

Subject: Koncept & J57 for Shirting Life | NYC Music Portrait Photographer

Ari and I linked up with Koncept & J57 to do a quick, fun interview for Shirting Life. These two have always been very supportive of our brand and with their EP dropping, we decided to reciprocate the offer and shine some shirting light on them. 

For the shoot, we hung out in J57's studio, talking and enjoying a few drinks. We had some challenges shooting them in lowlight but I think we still were able to secure a few decent shots. This is one of the occasions that really motivated me to re-invest in an external flash even if I don't use it often. We also jumped outside to J's hallway and the wall provided a nice contrast to the shirts we outfitted them with.

To read the interview on Shirting Life written by yours truly, click here. 

MAK3RS | NYC Music Portrait Photographer

Acclaimed hip hop producer J57 and eclectic singer/songwriter/musician Matt Stamm joined forces to form MAK3RS, a production duo. I've been lucky enough to know both these gentlemen and also had the privilege of listening to some of their finished but unmastered tracks. 

Being a fan of their music, I was extra stoked when they asked me to be the first(?) to shoot them. Originally, our plan was to shoot them inside a liquor store since they are named after Makers Mark, the bourbon but things fell apart last minute. Luckily, our friend and musician Katiah came to the rescue to provide us locations in the UWS where many of The Warriors scenes took place.

If you get a chance, make sure to check out the Mak3rs beatmaking session here