She Said Yes! | NYC Surprise Proposal Shoot in Central Park

A special congratulations to Dave and Katelyn! The couple was visiting from Michigan for a nice weekend and through a mutual friend, Dave contacted me to plan out a surprise proposal at Central Park. Following his lead, we were able to put together a great plan to surprise Katelyn. We lucked out too! It was rainy all week with rain in the forecast the day of, but God was on our side. In addition to the actual proposal, I'd have to say my favorite moment of this shoot was Dave's assurance that she'd be unsuspecting of what's going on, since he'll distract her with a little Pokemon Go adventure. Amazing! 

The Mahers | Long Island Maternity Portraits

I got to shoot my first maternity shoot on this brisk Sunday in April with the Mahers. This was honestly one of the most enjoyable shoots I did. The parents-to-be were full of love and I was merely there capturing their special moments. We started out at Jones Beach but we weren't so lucky with weather and quickly made an audible, re-locating over to a preservation by their home. That turned out to be a great idea as spent the rest of the afternoon in between the trees and most importantly, away from the strong winds.

Jason S. | Westchester County Bar Mitzvah

I booked and second shot this bar mitzvah in Westchester County through an ad on Craigslist. It was a journey to get there from Queens, NY because I sold my car only weeks prior. There was also a medical emergency during the night that added an odd twist but luckily, the person in question is all good and the rest of the evening turned out OK. 

This was my first time shooting an event of its kind and also shadowing a seasoned photographer. It was great to pick her brain and get some experience under my belt. Even better is that I was giving positive feedback from the head photographer who hired me, so here's to hoping he reaches out for more work in the future!

Thysha (@_classicthysha) | NYC Glamour Portraits

I came across Thysha's Instagram page probably two months ago. I liked her look and she mentioned something about wanting to connect with photographers so I left a message. She responded telling me she'd reach out again when she's in town. Like most situations that start out like this, I really wasn't expecting to ever hear back but to my delight, she did reach out once she made plans to visit NYC. 

We scheduled a time/location and I asked her to be on time and she actually came earlier than me (I might've been 2 minutes late). She came with an escort who was friendly and a great assistant. With him holding my reflector, we were able to manipulate the lighting to capture some great shots. Overall, we were able to click and get some creative photos. I really like how these came out so I'm hoping she hits me up again when she comes back to the city.

Kana R. (@kana_redia) | NYC Glamour Portraits

I connected with Kana again for a shoot in a Breather room. This shoot was actually my second of the day and to be honest, I was pretty exhausted. But because I shot with Kana already in the past, we were able to skip the awkwardness and get right to business. It was right around sunset when we met so we took advantage of the ambient light available in the room.