Marri Wright | NYC Actor Headshots Photographer

Marri is an aspiring actress who I met while doing some brand ambassador work. She's simply an amazing person. I already did one shoot with her a year or two ago and we had a blast so we decided to meet up again for one more shoot. For the first shoot, I really went all-in retouching and the works but for this shoot, all I did was some light color correction. 

The summer heat really got the best of us this day and I hope we can do a make up sometime in the future.

Governors Ball 2013 | NYC Concert/Music Photographer

This weekend was one of the craziest rollercoaster moments of my life. I lost my job on the first day of the festival and after a couple of hours of sulking, my friend talked me into going to Governors Ball and simply raging out. I had press passes for the event and went loaded with two cameras. One was a Rebel Series Canon and I had that equipped with a Rokinon fisheye. The other was a 60D and I had it equipped with a nifty fifty. The weekend was a bit of a blur but I do remember meeting lots of great photographers. I also learned how hard it is to live off being a concert photographer alone.